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Our Philosophy

 Our first focus in our firm philosophy is on integrity and trust. A solid attorney-client relationship can’t exist in the absence of trust; therefore, we strive every day to foster trust that leads to a productive and mutually beneficial attorney-client relationship. While we work daily to build trust with our clients, we also strive to maintain our good reputation and trust with opposing counsel and the tribunals before which we appear. We believe that by promoting professionalism and civility in all aspects of our legal representation, mutual respect and trust allow us to advocate effectively for our client. 

Our Commitment 

We are guided by the commitment to represent our clients zealously in the most cost effective manner, without sacrificing quality. To that end, we strive to be proactive, not reactive. In order to fulfill our philosophy, we are committed to make an early determination of the merits of each case in order to decide how a matter should be resolved. We realize that not every case should be settled, nor should every case be tried. By focusing on the commitment to provide sound advice and counsel on specific needs, we can offer solutions that make business sense.

legal issues can be tough. BUT SO ARE WE.

Advocate Bhavana Ohri

If there is one industry where clarity matters most, it might just be the legal field. Perhaps no one understands the importance of nuance in words and phrasing like Advocate Bhavana Ohri. Her expertise enables her to identify potential issues and defences in your case.
Advocate Bhavana Ohri offers progressive solutions to businesses & individuals facing complex legal challenges. She is an industry-leading attorney that has the knowledge necessary to handle the most difficult and significant legal issues across the nation and around the globe.
She starts with your end game in mind. Her approach is always the right fight but she does not follow the standard playbook. When it comes to legal issues, her advice to you is if it’s easy then don’t hire Droit Legal; but if it’s complicated we are the firm you should to trust.
We’re a close-knit team that tries to play well with others, including our clients. That doesn’t mean we always play by the usual rules. We’ve learned the most creative and effective solutions come from an irreverent perspective as well as a healthy disrespect for the standard formulas. Ultimately, we’re committed to developing and executing the most effective strategies that accomplish your goals.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Our Firm was founded with 1 lawyer

Now it’s 15 of us. With immense experience and specialization in each practice of law. 

The first office we opened is based in Pune, India

Our 2nd Office is in Mumbai. We serve our clients in Local, High & the Supreme Courts.

Hope is not a strategy

We believe there is always a way to find success in each and every case.

We’re proud to say that we have over 100 clients worldwide

And Have Served over a 1000 clients in Maharashtra alone, in the year of 2019.




We are committed towards understanding your Business better, that, in turn, enable us to understand the best what you need. We dedicate ample amount of time to assess your issues and hear every single fact of the matter which helps us to get in such a depth that right advice becomes inevitable. Our Law Firm provides integrated legal services for the Corporate and individual requirements. We have Clients from various sectors. Our client span consists of IT Companies, GPRS Technology Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Packaging Material Firms, Real Estate Firms, Corporate and Technical Training Firms, Educational Institutions, Banks, Individuals from almost all professions.




Family law matters involving the end of a marriage, disputes over custody or child support, or allegations of abuse and neglect are deeply emotional. At Virtue Resolute you’ll work with a qualified family lawyer who understands what you’re going through and will fight to protect your best interests. 

Every family experiences hardships that can create a lot of stress, financial worry, and even heartache. If you are trying to find the best course of action for you and your loved ones, trust our skilled and compassionate lawyers at Virtue Resolute.

Whether you are facing the difficult decision to end your marriage, challenge a custody or support agreement, or defend yourself against devastating accusations.




Our Firms criminal defense lawyers and public defenders, work to defend individuals, organizations, and entities that have been charged with a crime. Our Firms Criminal lawyers handle a diverse spectrum of criminal cases, ranging from domestic violence crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes and drug crimes to driving under the influence (DUI), theft, embezzlement, and fraud.




Civil Law consists of a body of rules, procedures, regulations and judicial precedents that helps in resolving the various non-criminal disputes. These disputes are either between individuals or organizations and can be on a variety of problems like ordinary issues, private matters, marriage conflicts etc.

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