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Our journey of legal excellence exceeds 11 years. We at, Droit Legal possess the undisputed masters of legal strategy as well as compliances. Our on panel team comprises of 100+ legal experts across the country with its offices in all the state capitals. Droit Legal has been serving across the nation and on the global platform with more than 10 years of experience, faith, disciplined work culture, and responsibilities. We are always dedicated to delivering only excellent solutions to fulfill various needs which follow strong professional ethics.

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Droit Legal Law Firm, Since 2011

We possess national as well as international legal professionals pertaining to the laws of many nations like UK laws, US laws, Asian laws, Australian laws, Canadian laws, German laws and much more. Droit Legal ensures to take care of client confidentiality and data safety and prioritize them. It is because that is one of the essential components of legal industries in our view. We also provide comprehensive support for litigation, corporate legal policy, legal documentation, extensive legal research and review, intellectual property rights services, corporate law, family laws, real estate law, religious law, financial disputes, company law, environmental laws, amendments and proofreading, matrimonial disputes contract review, support services, legal research and writing, document review, drafting of pleadings and briefs, patent services outsourcing and much more.

We believe that the extensive range of expert services with framing your agreement drafting, corporate legal policy, professional opinion, drafting, litigation support, management and tracking, contract review, patent research and analysis, regulatory and compliance support, legal and generic research document management and corporate support, will prove to be of great value to you.

Civil law

Practice Areas



We have a team of specialized Corporate lawyers and Company Secretaries to deal with all the concerns with relates to the Listed and/or Private Companies. We advise and provide creative legal solutions for matters relating to Companies Act 1956 and/or Companies Act, 2013. We also undertake Incorporation of companies, Registration of Companies, Issuance of Shares and debentures, Issue of securities, Merger and acquisitions, Winding up of companies, Matters relating to Cheque bouncing etc.

As per the convenience of our clients, we provide the services on assignment to assignment basis and/or on Retainer-ship basis.



Advising clients in conciliation and mediation matters and providing mediation services to clients.

Drafting arbitration agreements and clauses.

Representing clients in arbitration claims or disputes before arbitral tribunals.

Representing clients in applications seeking stay and/or interim reliefs.

Enforcing and challenging awards passed by arbitral tribunals.



We represent in the Arbitration of disputes before the Arbitration Tribunals including in international Arbitration, before the appointed retired judges, Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange & Retired Judges and appear before the concerned Courts of law, including the Hon’ble High Courts for the matters under the provisions of the Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1996.


Real Estate

The transfer of Property happens by way of executing and registering the Deed/Agreement. This Deed/Agreement is a formal Legal document which set out and confirms the transfer of Rights, Title and Interest of the Property from one person to another.

Considering requirement and prevailing laws we advise our client the systematic approach towards the investment opportunities directly or indirectly in Read Estate.

We also Provide the advise to Developers, Investors, Landlord, Property Owners, Tenants, Occupants towards the drafting and vetting of various property related Deeds, documents, agreements, MOU, terms and conditions and many more.



Law of contracts in India defines Contract as an agreement enforceable by law which offers personal rights, and imposes personal obligations, which the law protects and enforces against the parties to the agreement.


Land Laws

The law of land in India the Registration Act, 1908, deals with gifts of immovable property, non-testamentary instruments, and annual leases of immovable property, sales, mortgages and exchange of immovable property.



Mediation is a process where a neutral and independent person (a mediator) helps the parties in a dispute to reach their own solution. … If the parties resolve their dispute at the mediation, they may make a written agreement and have orders made by the Court to finalise the case.

Commercial mediation in India was given life in 1996 when the Indian parliament amended the Civil Procedure Code (CPC) and introduced section 89, which empowered courts to direct settlement of disputes by mediation amongst other means. This provision governs mediation in the court system in India. The year 1996 also saw the introduction of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act (ACA). The provisions of the ACA govern private mediation (conciliation) in India.

The primary mediation style is evaluative. Disputants seem to prefer having an authority figure as the mediator, and are more comfortable being led in the mediation rather than the mediator being more hands-off. This is a cultural trait quite common in Asia. The parties expect the mediator to give them his or her view of the weakness of their case, and to actively participate in finding solutions; indeed, they would be disappointed if they felt that the mediator was not fully engaged with them in resolving the dispute. Interests, as well as rights, are focused on. Some mediators prefer to be facilitative. Transformative mediation is rare.

Droit Legal mediators will start off being facilitative, encouraging movement to come from the parties, and become evaluative later in the process when the interventionist skills become necessary to break an impasse and come up with solutions.


Agreement Drafting & Registration

The Registration of documents is always suggested so that the same represents and assures that conservation of evidence, prevention of fraud assurance of title, publicity of documents etc.

Registered Documents helps an intending purchaser to not only know the tile of the Owner but also to validate the Title as the Original Registered Documents are mandatory to be submitted with the financial institution for the purpose of obtaining loan and/or an advance against the Property.

Registration Act makes it mandatory to register all the Documents which affects the Right, Title and Interest with respect to Immovable Property.

Our firm do provide the services of Registration of Property Documents including, Agreement for Sale, Transfer Deeds, MOU, Power of Attorney, Development Agreement, Conveyance Deed, Mortgage Deed etc before the Competent Registrar and/or Registering authority.

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