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Family Is The Greatest Assest We Posses!


What We Do

Since family law matters hit so close to home, having a trusted legal professional by your side can help you ensure your loved ones are at ease as far as dealing with legality of these tough times. Droit Legal specializes in Divorce, Family Dispute Resolution, Counselling, Will and Probate, Domestic Violence & Adoption.


Our Approach

Our approach is always to assist our clients to make the right decisions as in most cases people act on emotions rather than practicality of the situations. Our intent is always to protect our clients interests and stay prepared for each and every legal and timely actions to be taken. Droit Legal’s family lawyers posses over a decade of experience and are always up to date with new laws that are on the horizon.


Our Mission

To be trusted Family Law advisors and tenacious advocates in pursuit of the best possible outcome for our clients and their futures. To offer our clients exceptional personalized service. To share our humanity with clients and provide a safe, emotionally supportive refuge during times of crisis or transition.

Our Promise

Our promise to you are to work diligently toward a successful conclusion of your case. You are our top priority and we promise to provide you with individual attention, utilizing a client-centered approach to meet your legal needs and to help you through the personal challenges you may face.

We promise to work with you to identify your short-term and long-term goals and the objectives you wish to achieve, as well as to ensure you have realistic expectations and the ability to make informed decisions.

We promise to listen to you. We will fight to protect and further your interests at the negotiating table and, if necessary, in the courtroom. We promise to work with you and coach you to ensure you have the skills needed in the event you are required to testify in court or be examined by experts.

Professional Resources

Should your case call for it, we promise to utilize our vast network of experts and professionals, including private investigators, forensic accountants, appraisers, economists, medical and psychological experts and other professionals to help bring your case to a fruitful conclusion.

Goal Centric Focus

We promise to work with you to pursue the specific goals for which you retained our law firm, including issues related to divorcechild custodychild supportalimony or spousal supportproperty distributiondomestic violence or child abuse, father’s rightsmother’s rights and grandparent’s rights.


Family Law Cases

Resolution Thru Counselling (Cases)

Cases Settled Thru Mediation

Divorce Cases

Years Of Experience

We Understand

Some situations can’t be solved & so it is critical to get the legal issues over with as soon as possible to move ahead with a clear conscience and a clear slate in life.

Our Expertise

Team of skilled lawyers with a proven track record of smart, assertive and strategic advocacy. Magnified Focus exclusively on meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. Our attorneys understand the diverse legal, business and financial issues our clients face and we immerse ourselves in their businesses so that we can anticipate, manage and mitigate risks and challenges that may be on the horizon.